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How it Works

Fill out the membership questionnaire as thoroughly as possible. Submit it to the Passion Dallas team who will review your submission.

The Passion Dallas team will review your membership submission. Once you are approved to become a member, you will be sent an email with steps to set up your member profile and pay the initial membership dues.

Congrats! You’ve been officially approved to join Passion Dallas! Once you pay and set up your member profile, you’ll get access to all membership has to offer.

Membership Includes

Enhance your business, further your career & gain new connections. These may be the
priceless aspects of a Passion Dallas membership, but here’s what you getting as a paying member:

  • Invitations to our Exclusive Live Events!


  • Social Promotion on Passion Dallas Media Channels


  • Connect with other Passion Leaders in our Members Only Directory & Forum


  • Monthly Newsletter (coming soon)


  • Official Passion Dallas Digital Badge


  • Access to Exclusive Member to Member Promotions

A meeting of the minds

One BIG perk of membership is our CoLAB meetings. These are invitation-only get togethers with members of Passion Dallas at various locations around the community— including member businesses! They are how we come together as a group to share ideas, collaborate and connect as a community of professionals.

These will be held throughout the year as group sessions, roundtables and with notable speakers.

Don’t be shy! Mix & mingle with the Dallas community

Our members are already thriving in their businesses, but there’s nothing better than opening your doors to the community to get to know all that you have to offer and that’s exactly what the scene events we host have to offer.

Members have the opportunity to host and sponsor The Scene events where they have the chance to put their brand in front of other professionals and the Dallas community.

Curious what it takes to be a member?

We want to include the best of what Dallas has to offer, so not everyone will be the right fit for a Passion Dallas membership, but we’re betting you are just what we’re looking for, so go ahead and fill out your membership questionnaire. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.