We See You, Dallas!

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We See You, Dallas! with Marianna Adams

Marianna Adams of White Rock Yoga shares her discovery of #Ashaya #Yoga and how it helps to keep us grounded.

Marianna is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear her magical wisdom.

We See You, Dallas! with David Spirito

Our special guest, David Spirito will demonstrate #Delicious #Guacamole recipes… Yum! David is the Sr. Director of Culinary and Food Service of Avocados From Mexico and the inspiration behind AvoEatery at Trinity Groves. Tune in to learn about the amazing dishes Avo Eatery can deliver to you. Yes, they are open for business! Trinity Groves

We See You, Dallas! with Summer Pailet

LIVE with Summer Pailet for a discussion about resilience, and tactics to stay in action! .

We See You, Dallas! with Gilbert Garza

Live with Gilbert Garza of Suze Restaurant! 🍽🥂😊 
We’ll be discussing the state of the restaurant industry during this time, and how Suze is adapting to best serve local Dallas patrons from their amazing menu.